Welcome to ImageMatrix

ImageMatrix is a flexible web-based learning and teaching platform that enables educators to provide authentic learning experiences outside of the laboratory that are inclusive, stimulating and rigorous.

CURRENTLY SUPPORTED BROWSER ARE CHROME AND FIREFOX ONLY. Using other browsers such as safari or Edge may not display the interface correctly.

The platform uses clustered 2D image data sets to simulate experiences like microscopy, comparing spatial data that changes with time, interrogation of medical images, exploring multi-element chemical maps, etc. The platform has an initial focus for simulating microscopy-based activities that decouple the difficulty of learning to physically use a microscope from the interpretation of data sets while maintaining the same educational outcomes.

The platform builds upon the highly successful 'Virtual Petrographic Microscope'. New image data sets will be developed and added over time and these will include a range of image sources such as photomicrographs in transmitted and reflected light , Back-scattered Electron (BSE) images, micro-XRF chemical and phase maps, EBSD maps, CL images, Mineral Liberation Analysis (MLA) maps, etc. 

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